Great Imperialist state


Simone White – Born February 1970 – Star sign – Aquarius – Place of Birth Hawaii – Simone was born into a family of Artists. Mother Folk Singer. Father – A Sculptor. Grandmother a Burlesque Performer. Auntie – Wrote Pop Songs & Her Grandfather wrote Poetry & was particularly interested in Sonnets!


  • The Sincere Recording Company Presents Simone White (Sincere Recording Co.,2003)
  • I Am The Man (Honest Jons, 2007)
  • Yakiimo (Honest Jons, 2009)
  • Silver Silver (Honest Jons, 2012)

Girls are out to get you!

Check any of the regularly published – Best 100 Singles of All Time – type of poll and one thing quickly becomes evident – how few female singers / bands are represented! This possibly reflects, as much as anything, the fact that voters in such polls, are predominantly men, however it may also highlight a wider problem of the perception of the place of women artists, from within the music business itself. Whilst the recent success of artists such as Adele have gone some way to raise the profile of women as serious performers, I’d like to try and bring some balance to the situation by regularly posting some of my own personal choices of sisters doing it for themselves!